About the IMB Media Room

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     In January 1959 the first director of the Institute of Molecular Biology, Aaron Novick, decided to pursue the development of a collaborative scientific community dedicated to the study of the budding field of Molecular Biology.     

Aaron Novick 1919-2000
Aaron Novick
by Gary Tepfer
photo displayed in Novick Room, Streisinger Hall


     As part of this concept the Institute’s Media Room was opened.  It started out in one small room with one large sink and one small autoclave.  Staffed by a single employee the “kitchen” was started to support the four labs of the founding Professors of the Institute:  Aaron Novick, Frank Stahl, George Streisinger and Sidney Bernhard.


     Today the Media Room has expanded from this one room support laboratory to a facility that services approximately 65 labs across 8 departments and various individuals in the Eugene/Springfield independent research community.  


     We are excited to supply research equipment and media in support of the University’s many varieties of research projects involving, amongst others,  bacteria, yeast, zebrafish, drosophila, c. elegans, arabadopsis, maize and neurospora.


Service Summary

     The Media Room has three main service areas – glassware processing, media preparation and fly food preparation.  (For more detailed information about each of these areas you may select the tabs for each at the top of the page).  Our centralized facility prides itself on providing consistent high quality products that may be customized to each researchers needs and that may be utilized throughout the entire duration of each project.


     For those who would like to make use of our facilities there are many levels of usage available.  Campus labs may sign up for our full glassware processing service, purchase trays of pre-filled drosophila food, take advantage of our autoclaving capabilities, sign out our institute fermentors, purchase our pre-made media or place custom orders for agar plates and bottled media.


     For the independent researchers in the community we offer autoclaving services, purchasable trays of pre-filled drosophila food and the option to purchase pre-made media and/or customized media recipes for both agar plates and bottled media.  


     For further details please come see us in the Media Room or contact Media Room Supervisor Autumn Wicklund (contact information can be found on the Contact Us page).