Glassware Services

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     Delivering Glassware

      The Institute of Molecular Biology has a unique set up for a centralized glassware processing facility.  Individual laboratories within the University’s multi-building science complex may elect to sign up for our basic service or sign out a few select items as needed.


Basic Glassware Service 

     Briefly, this membership means that the Media Room personnel will pick up, clean, sterilize and re-shelve your glassware and various research items as often as needed.  We will provide your lab with a cart and/or tub set up (depending on your space availability and level of usage), maintain your glassware cabinet and adjust your stock as your needs change.  Each lab may choose to use glassware from our stock or from their own.   If labs opt to use their own glassware we will pick it up, keep it separate and return it directly back to them.  Labs also have the option to supplement their equipment with our items — just let us know what you need!


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Daily Processing 

     For the bulk of our glassware processing we ask that items are kept in a dilute bleach water solution, in a provided tub, until time for processing.  Items are then retrieved by our personnel, hand scrubbed with a concentrated soap solution, rinsed, processed through a high temperature water dish washer, dried, foiled and autoclaved.  Sterilized items are then returned to individual laboratories.

     For delicate items, or items requiring specialized handling, we also process some glassware by hand washing with a concentrated soap solution, hand rinsing in a dilute HCl solution and endwith a final rinse of dI water.

     In addition, for those projects that require equipment that has had no contact with soap, we also offer a cleaning system that is soap-free.  All dedicated glassware will be processed separately and kept in a designated area.  If you are interested in this process, just contact us in the glassware processing lab for more information.

     For a more detailed description and a list of available items please see our Services & Equipment Included in Glassware Membership page.