Media Pricing & Billing

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Billing Procedures

     On-Campus Labs – Media Room charges for each lab are tallied at the end of every month by totaling items checked out by each lab, using the index numbers submitted by lab personnel at the time of purchase.  These charges are accumulated from the items lab personnel check out using our Sign Out Book sheets and Plate & Shelfstock Order Sheet.  These charges are submitted, by the Media Room, to the IMB Accounting Department.  Billing is then submitted to each lab’s corresponding accounting department.

     Off-Campus Researchers – before checking out or ordering items individual researchers or companies from the community should contact our accounting department (see Contacts page) to ensure that an account can be created to process any invoices that accumulate over the billing period. After your account and contact information is established you may place orders, or check out pre-made items, as all other labs do, on the order sheet in Room 241 Klamath Hall. 



      For current pricing please there is a link below for our most ordered items.  For special requests, please call or email the Media Room with the volume and the type of media to be requested.  In general, pricing for each item is calculated by summing the cost of materials and the cost of time to prepare the item.

     If you would like us to produce a custom recipe please call or email the Media Room with your recipe details and we will put together a pricing quote for you.

Frequently Ordered Items Pricing List: LMEDIA Pricing 2019-2020


PLEASE NOTE:  If you check out or order media there will be a glassware processing charge incorporated into the media pricing.  To ensure that these pieces of glassware remain separate from the glassware you use from your supplies cabinet, and to make sure that they are not included in your monthly glassware usage count, PLEASE LEAVE MEDIA ROOM LABELS ON the bottles/flasks so that we can distinguish that piece of glassware’s origin when tallying items used in your tub.   (starting June 2018)

    This facility is intended to support research projects at the U of O.  However, to encourage scientific exploration and to support researchers in our community, items are available for purchase to individuals outside of campus.  At this time the majority of operational costs are recovered from grants awarded to U of O researchers.  Fees for non-U of O users are higher than are those for U of O research projects, including but not limited to the University’s External Customer Overhead Assessment fee.

      Please note that our prices are subject to change as the costs of our materials fluctuate.