Autoclaving Services – Online Scheduling Calendar

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Because we will be in lab in a limited capacity, and only staying while critical services are being performed, drop-off autoclaving is still unavailable.  However, to help labs schedule their use of the public autoclave located in 239 Klamath, I have created an on-line Google calendar for users to schedule their time (link below).  Please remember, as part of our re-opening, all public use spaces must be cleaned after each use.  As part of this step we will have disinfectant wipes and/or spray located next to the autoclave.  There is also a new check-box on the autoclave log to mark that you have cleaned the area before leaving.


Please note that as part of our re-opening we must maintain social distancing.  Because we are operating in a small space we ask that only one person come into the media room at a time.  We will also continue to perform regular cleanings of any communal spaces and wear appropriate PPE.  We appreciate your consideration in doing the same.