Apple Juice Caps & Plates

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   In response to the increasing number of Drosophila research labs finding their homes in the IMB community the Media Room has developed a system of making & pouring Apple Juice media in a variety of plate sizes.   Initially we started with a grape juice recipe but soon came to settle on an apple juice version for all of our drosophila research labs (see link to recipe below).


     As with our other customized media recipes, labs may place an order for Apple Juice Caps or Square Plates on the top half of the Plates and Media Order Sheet found on the counter in room 241 Klamath Hall.  Orders will be filled on the day of the date on the top of the order sheet.


     Labs may order from 1/2 batch up to 4 batches of caps per day.  We ask that if your project requires more than 4 batches that you please space your order out over multiple days.


     Each cap holds approximately 10mls of media – enough to mound slightly and seal the opening of a 6oz fly bottle.  One batch of caps yields approximately 180 caps.  Because this media is not sterile it is possible for labs to reuse caps.  The caps themselves must be supplied by each lab.  However, if you are signed up for our glassware services, we will pick up, clean and reuse your labs caps as you place orders for Apple Juice media.


     Alternatively, the Media Room will also fill orders for large square plates of Apple Juice media.  Square plates are 245x245mm and hold approximately 230mls each.  On average we pour 12 large plates per batch of media.  The volume of these plates is adjustable — we are able to make a customized agar depth, depending on your projects needs — just write your desired volume per plate on the ordering sheet when you place your order.  Large plates must be provided by the ordering lab.  And, again, we will pick up and process these plates if your lab utilizes our glassware services.


     As a third and fourth option we will also fill 150x15mm and 100x15mm plates with Apple Juice media.  These plates may be provided by the ordering lab or purchased through the media room.  Typically we pour approximately 45ml/plate (for the 150mm), producing approximately 40 plates per batch and 30ml/plate (for the 100mm), producing approximately 60 plates per batch.

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One Batch Apple Juice Agar ***

Agar, Bitek     60g
dI H2O         1520ml
Sucrose          100g
Apple Juice Concentrate   300ml
***This thick agar base is more volatile than the typical agar media and therefore may experience more boil out during the autoclaving exhaust process.  This variance may effect the total volume of each batch of media and may alter the final number of plates produced per batch.