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    In the Spring of 2007 the Media Room expanded its services and opened a centralized fly food preparation facility to accomodate the growing number of drosophila research laboratories here at the University of Oregon.  Located in 265 Onyx Bridge, the facility is run on a self checkout system.  Approved labs have 24 hour access, being able to sign out trays of vials and/or bottles pre-filled with our Douglass recipe fly food.  

     Our facility offers a consistent high quality product prepared by trained Media Room personnel.  The regular maintenance of our pouring rooms, equipment and storage areas helps us to maintain a clean, efficient laboratory offering products free of contaminants and mites – problems that have the potential to develop in multi-use facilities.  

     We currently stock the Douglass fly food recipe (see link to this recipe and previously stocked recipes below).  Each tray is dated with a color coded tape, for convenient batch reference for users.  Each tray is plugged and sealed with plastic wrap to maintain maximum longevity and freshness.  New 40L batches of food are made, on average, twice a week – depending on the demands of our researchers projects.  

     Though this facility was developed as a resource for the IMB laboratories our products are available to outside researchers, both on and off campus.  If you would like to purchase fly food from our facility just come see us in our main lab, located in 241 Klamath Hall, between 7am – 3:30pm and we will assist you in checking out the items you need.

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We currently stock our shelves with the Douglass fly food recipe

Recipes can be found here: Douglass-T Recipe 2017

We previously stocked our shelves with these two recipes of fly food (currently discontinued):

High Agar cornmeal base + propionic acid

High Agar cornmeal base + propionic acid + tegosept

Recipes can be found here:  HighAgarCornmeal Recipe

Note:  water content is monitored and adjusted per the seasonal demands


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   Note:  If you are interested in Apple Juice caps or plates for your drosophila projects check out our Apple Juice Caps and Plates page for further information.




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