Hours of Operation

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Glassware Processing**

Klamath Hall, Room 237
Monday -Thursday … 7am – 3:30pm
Friday -Sunday … Closed
        After Hours Access available with Lab Key 


Media Preparation**

Klamath Hall, Room 241
Monday – Thursday … 7am – 3:30pm
Friday – Sunday … Closed

Fly Food Facility**

Onyx Bridge, Room 265
Monday – Sunday … Access with Lab Key

Autoclaving Services**

Klamath Hall, Room 239 
Monday – Thursday … 7am – 2pm – Limited Drop-Off Runs (*see note below)
Friday – Sunday … After Hours Access with Lab Key – ONLY open to University personnel who have been through training 

*Note: Due to the re-organization of Media Room Operations during the week and because the new autoclave is up & running continuous drop-off autoclave runs performed by Media Room staff will be more limited:  we will no longer perform continuous runs while we are working outside of the lab;  we will continue to perform autoclave runs, but the timing will be at our discretion.  However, the new IMB autoclave is up and running (in addition to the multiple autoclaves used in Pacific Hall & Streissinger Hall) so autoclaving options will continue to be available at all times for University personnel.  We would like to encourage untrained autoclave users to contact Stu Johnson [(541)346-5073; stuartj@uoregon.edu] for training or to come by the Media Room to learn about the new autoclave.       


Note: access to the media room facilities is available after hours to University Personnel with an approved lab key.


As a part of the Institute of Molecular Biology we will be closed on designated holidays, as determined by the University of Oregon (current listing here).  In addition, during the times of severe weather we will also follow the U of O inclement weather operation policies.


**Due to changes in staffing hours of operation and available services may occasionally be altered.

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