Limited Services Approved in Research Recovery Phase 0.5

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The media room has received final approval from the VPRI for a limited re-opening of critical services under the 0.5 Research Recovery Plan.

During this phase, as labs are re-starting their research and performing critical tasks, we will be opening in a limited capacity. Please see below for a general outline of available services.  If you have any questions please email Autumn at


Please note that as part of our re-opening we must maintain social distancing.  Because we are operating in a small space we ask that only one person come into the media room at a time.  We will also continue to perform regular cleanings of any communal spaces and wear appropriate PPE.  We appreciate your consideration in doing the same.




AUTOCLAVING SERVICES: Because we will be in lab in a limited capacity, and only staying while critical services are being performed, drop-off autoclaving is still unavailable.  However, to help labs schedule their use of the public autoclave located in 239 Klamath, I have created an on-line Google calendar for users to schedule their time (link below).  Please remember, as part of our re-opening, all public use spaces must be cleaned after each use.  As part of this step we will have disinfectant wipes and/or spray located next to the autoclave.  There is also a new check-box on the autoclave log to mark that you have cleaned the area before leaving.


MEDIA PREPARATION:  To reduce the number of people entering the media room all media orders can be placed by emailing Autumn at — please reference in the subject line “Media Order.”  Once your order is received I will email you back with a confirmation and a time-frame for completion. Please note that turnaround time for orders may vary and will not be as quick as they were previously.  Once items are completed they will be placed behind the curtain in the hallway for pick-up.


GLASSWARE PROCESSING:  At this phase of re-opening the VPRI has stated that in order to reduce person-to-person contact and traveling between spaces, we are to limit entrance into labs and spaces other than our own.  This means that we will be temporarily switching to a hallway drop-off and pick-up system of glassware processing.  We ask that labs label their glassware tubs clearly and bring it to the hallway outside 237 Klamath.  As we are able we will process the glassware and return it to the cart for pickup (all items that were in the cart will be placed back on the cart).  PLEASE NOTE: until we are more fully staffed I will process glassware in a limited capacity.  Please email Autumn with “Glassware Request” in the subject line, at if you need to have items processed, so that I may plan and time my day’s activities (please limit these items to your most needed).  Once a day/time has been approved, please bring your tub down and leave it in the hallway outside 237 Klamath.


TUBES & PIPETTES:  If you need tubes, pipettes, toothpicks, or any other specialty glassware item, please email Autumn at and I will place them in the hallway for pickup.


FLY FOOD:  Trays of food will continue to be available for check out.  Please remember, as part of our re-opening all public use spaces must be cleaned after each use.  As part of this step we will have disinfectant wipes and/or spray located next to the fly food carts.  If you know that you will be needing a large amount of food, please email Autumn and so that I can plan a preparation timeline.