Use of Media Room Facilities

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 Available Facilities – 

Glassware Processing – 237 Klamath
Media Preparation – 241 Klamath
Fly Food Preparation – 265 Onyx Bridge


Use of Facilities – Operating hours are from 7am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday.  If lab personnel would like to use our facilties outside operating hours they may gain entry with their laboratory’s access key.  

For After-hours Use – please place dirty glassware on sink counter in 237 Klamath, return baskets to shelves in 237 Klamath.  If you have items to be autoclaved please mark them with your lab & name – placing dry items to be autoclaved on counter top by tape dispensers in 241 Klamath,  liquid items on blue cart underneath phone in 241 Klamath.


Key Requests – The Media Room will issue keys to its facilities to approved laboratories.  Key requests can be submitted by each laboratory’s PI to IMB’s Buyer Ron Hanson, located in 269A Klamath Hall.  After processing the keys can be obtained at the UO Public Safety Office and are non transferable.


Waste Autoclaving – in order to contain actively growing organisms all waste needing to be autoclaved must be completely contained in a closed autoclave bag and placed in an autoclavable stainless steel bucket.  Use of the stainless steel buckets and waste autoclaving services are included in your glassware service fees.  

     Researchers may place these prepared buckets of waste on the floor in front of our small autoclave.  We will autoclave and dispose of them in the university dumpster and clean the buckets.  Clean buckets can be found in the autoclave room of 241 Klamath.  Autoclavable waste bags are available for purchase – just ask one of our employees and we can show you where they are.  

Note:  Please do not dispose of any media in the Media Room sinks or trash cans.  If you have any questions or need help please speak to one of our employees.


Quality Control – If you are entering our fly food preparation rooms please do not enter with any actively growing vials or bottles.  If you are entering either rooms 237 or 241 Klamath please do not enter with any actively growing projects that are open or uncontained.  If your lab is working with any specialized items or chemicals please contact Media Room Supervisor to clarify the handling procedures before placing them into the general glassware processing system.


Billing – Each service center is evaluated and billed separately.  Usage will be assessed at the end of each month.  Media Room users will be billed on a monthly basis through the IMB Accounting Department.  For more detailed information please see the individual Billing & Pricing pages for each of our facilities (Glassware Billing, FlyFood Billing, Media Preparation Billing).



If there is an emergency or a situation requiring assistance please follow the University’s emergency response protocol.  In addition you may contact Building Manager Dan Graham or Media Room Supervisor Autumn Wicklund.

Emergency contact information is posted on the doors at 237 & 241 Klamath, 265 Onyx Bridge.  See condensed list of contact numbers below.

Location of emergency equipment:   eye wash above main sink in 241 Klamath, body shower above doorway in 237 Klamath, fire extinguisher hung at end of media cabinet in 241 Klamath, first aid kit in drawer by scale in 241 Klamath.  Phone is located between rooms 237 & 241 Klamath – a list of emergency contact numbers is posted next to the phone.


Contact Numbers:

EMERGENCY:  911      




Campus Safety
(541) 346-2919
Dan Graham, Building Manager  
(541) 346-5079                  
Autumn Wicklund, Media Room Supervisor
(541) 346-5295
Enivronmental Health & Safety
(541) 346-3192
Facility Services
(541) 346-2319