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Is the glassware autoclaved/sterile?  All foiled or capped glassware, tubes and pipettes that leaves our lab is autoclaved and considered sterile.


If I drop off items to be autoclaved …where can I find them when they are done?  Items that do not require drying can be found on the counter next to the door of Room 241 Klamath.  Items that need drying (eppendorf tubes, beads, etc) will be kept in the incubator overnight in Room 239 Klamath, then set on the counter when dry.


When will my media be ready?  Media orders are made on the day written on top of the order sheet you filled out – it will be ready that afternoon.  Some items may be ready earlier in the day – just give us a call if you would like a more specific time.


We need more flasks for a project ..what do I do?  Just come see us in the Media Room or give us a call – we will find what you need.  We have a stock of various glassware items that are both sterile and non-sterile that is available for our labs.  If you need them to all be sterilized, we will autoclave the ones you need and set them aside.  Just put them back in your glassware tub when you are finished.


Where do I pick up my plates?  If you would like to pick your plates on the same day they are made you will find them on our counter top in Room 241 Klamath Hall.  After the first day we will place them in the cubby behind the brown curtain in the hallway by Room 241 Klamath Hall.


Is my media sterile?  Yes, unless otherwise requested, items will be autoclaved or filter sterilized.  


How do I place a media order?  The order sheet is on the counter top in Room 241 Klamath, next to the printer.  Write plate orders on the top of the sheet and all other orders on the bottom.  Please fill out all spaces to help ensure the correct items are made.  


If I order agar media can you keep it warm for me?  Yes, if requested, we will place bottles or flasks of agar media in our incubator, kept at approximately 50° C.  This enables items to be ready to pour without re-heating.


How long does it take for the items I dropped off to be autoclaved?  This depends on when the items are dropped off.  If they are sent in on your glassware cart, they will be autoclaved the same morning.  If you bring them into the lab during the day, we will work them into our autoclaving schedule throughout the same day.  Items dropped off after 2pm will be autoclaved in the first run the next day.


Are there plates sleeves for my agar plates?  Yes — they can be found in a container under the counter below the computer in Room 241 Klamath.  Take as many as you would like.


What are the sizes of bottled media that are kept on your shelves?  Premade shelfstock is standardly made in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 400ml and 1L amounts.


What size is the standard plate?  The standard plate size is 100x15mm – you may request it by writing “100×15”, “pl” or “std” in the Plate Size box on the order sheet.  (Note:  additionally 150x15mm & 60x15mm sizes are also available).


Can I order new recipes?  Yes, you can order custom recipes.  Just bring in your protocol and we can discuss what will be needed.  If we do not stock all the supplies needed you may provide them.


How do I change what is stocked in my glassware cupboard in my lab?  To change your lab’s delivery requests come speak to us in the Media Room.  We can easily change your stock, but will need to make sure all lab personnel are in agreement.


Can I check out glassware?  If your lab has signed up for glassware services, you may use any of our glassware that is available – just put it in your glassware tub when you are done.  However, if you are not signed up for this service, research glassware is not openly available.  The exceptions being tubes, pipettes, sticks, toothpicks – these are purchasable on a per item basis. 


I’ve ordered plates …where do I find them?  If you would like to pick them up the same day they are made – you will find them on the counter top in Room 241 Klamath.  If later, you can find them in the cubby behind the brown curtain next to Room 241 Klamath.  


I’d like to add Amp to my media – can I?  Yes.  We keep both a liquid stock of Ampicillin and the dry chemical.  Please come see us and we can help you with what you need.