Fermentor Usage

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      The Media Room has three fermentors available for use – two 30L and one 4L.  Come see us in the Media Room, sign up for the date you would like to use the equipment, and we will have the set up waiting on a cart, clean, sterilized & ready to use on the day you need it.  Sterile funnels and hoses are included.


      After you have wrapped up your process just give the fermentor a quick water rinse and return everything to our glassware processing area located in Room 239 Klamath Hall.


      And …as an added bonus… you may also order the media you need for your project through us.  Just write your desired media on the order sheet in Room 239 Klamath Hall (see our Media Ordering page for further details).  You have the option of ordering various sizes of sterile liquid media or, for use in the institute’s larger fermenting system,  a dry measurement of the recipe you require in 20L or 40L amounts.

For details on how to use the IMB 40L fermentor contact

Institute Equipment Manager
Dan Graham