Changes to Media Room Operations

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Due to budgetary changes we will be altering our hours of operation until further notice.  Most notably, we will be closed on Fridays.  For the past several years we have not offered media services on Fridays – with this change we will also not be offering glassware collection/delivery or autoclaving services on Fridays.  Each University of Oregon lab will continue to have after hours access to the facilities, the new autoclave and media check out.


Though we will not be performing autoclaving runs on Fridays, self-service autoclaving will continue to be available.  In addition, due to the re-organization of duties during the week, continuous drop-in autoclave runs performed by media room staff will be more limited.  However, the new IMB autoclave is up and running (in addition to the multiple public use autoclaves located in Room 306D Pacific Hall, 17A Pacific Hall and Streissinger Hall) so autoclaving options will continue to be available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  We would like to encourage untrained autoclave users to contact Stu for training or to come by the media room to learn about the new autoclave.  (***Please note:  Autoclave use is for University Personnel only)


As we see what this schedule adjustment brings we may find that we will need to further alter the timing/repetition of some services throughout the week – further details have been outlined in an email sent to all glassware users.  We will do our best to continue to provide the services that your lab requires.