Week 1: Omar Aldakheel response to reading/viewings

After the reading and viewing I had a hard time distinguishing between convergence and transmedia. However, what I think  the difference is that Transmedia not only a form of storytelling where several techniques are being used to grab attention but also to make people more engaged and patricipated. To do so these techniques shouldn’t be traditional but they should based on today technologies and most importantly social media outlets.

As far as the relation between transmedia and Scribe Video in Philadelpha at first I thought there’s no relation since it looked like a straight interview documentary type to me. But then I realized they are short videos and the footage was actually collected from the community members. So, It has the community involvement element it. The Scribe Video Center also posts photos, videos, articles, special offers and events on their facebook page. By using join, share, comment, like buttons there’s a great measurement of engagement with the targeted audience.

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