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Link: Step One in Eliminating Course Bottlenecks

This blog post from the Education Advisory Board articulates the key factors (and their definitions!) that UW-Madison leaders used to determine which of their undergraduate courses were impeding timely graduation. These factors might serve as inspiration for UO or other comparable institutions.

Step One in Eliminating Course Bottlenecks: Find The Cause (EAB, January 2016)

Link: Online Education and Instructional Technology Research, Community College Research Center, Columbia U

Links to abstracts of studies completed by the CCRC, pertaining to the efficacy of online education and instructional technology. Titles include:

  • Democratization of Education for Whom? Online Learning and Educational Equity
  • Predicting Online Student Outcomes From a Measure of Course Quality
  • Online Learning: Does It Help Low-Income and Underprepared Students?

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Link: 2015 Recap of Online Learning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

2015 has seen some interesting developments in online learning. Here is a recap of some key trends, as well as critical components for higher education to consider in innovating online learning to improve student success in online programs and courses.

Thackaberry, Sasha. 2015 Recap of Online Learning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Office of eLearning and Innovation, Cuyahoga Community College. December 23, 2015.

Link: Does Online Learning Work?

A round-up of studies on the efficacy of online education, with a particular focus on the two-year college:

Students who take online courses at community colleges get good grades in lower percentages, but (and this is a big but) they graduate sooner and in greater percentages.

Thackaberry, Sasha. Does Online Learning Work? Office of eLearning and Innovation, Cuyahoga Community College. November 19, 2015.

Link: No Significant Difference

No Significant Difference is a web site companion for Thomas Russell’s The No Significant Difference Phenomenon: A Comparative Research Annotated Bibliography on Technology for Distance Education, now in its fifth edition.

In addition to studies that document no significant difference (NSD), the website includes studies which do document significant differences in student outcomes based on the mode of education delivery. The significant difference (SD) entries on the website are further classified into three categories.

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