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Link: How Faculty Learn To Teach Online: What Administrators Need to Know

Research shows most teachers teach as they were taught.  However, distance educators lack a model or benchmark for online teaching because many of them have not taken online courses as students.  Indeed, many studies on teaching online point to the importance of training for online instructors.  Few studies go into specifics about exactly what that training should look like.  The purpose of this study is to examine best practices in professional development for instructors learning to teach online.

Schmidt, S., Tschida, C. and Hodge, E. “How Faculty Learn to Teach Online: What Administrators Need to Know.” Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, Volume XIX, Number 1, Spring 2016.

Link: Second Life College Campuses: A Tour of Abandoned Worlds

A survey of virtual campuses various American universities have built in Second Life, which remain accessible but are no longer in active use.

Ohio University’s campus greets you with an advertisement for its virtual worlds certification, coming in 2009. I couldn’t find any mention of this certification on the university’s website or through Google.

Hogan, Patrick. “We Took A Tour Of The Abandoned College Campuses of Second Life.” Fusion, August 13, 2015.