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An Evolving Technology Landscape for Competency-Based Education

A report on a Gates Foundation-funded effort to encourage technology vendors to prepare to better support the anticipated growth in CBE initiatives.

Institutions should press their vendors to provide demonstrations of their CBE capabilities in real-world scenarios. They should not rely on generalizations or broad assurances about CBE being supportable by features not designed to support competencies as full-fledged entities in the product’s integrated database.

Leuba, Mark. “An Evolving Technology Landscape for Competency-Based Education.” EDUCAUSE Review, February 22, 2016.

Link: Accessibility as a Civil Right

Many campuses do a great job of documenting what needs to be done to ensure that courses and campus resources are accessible, but few of us step back and take the time to figure out how we can mount a campus-wide campaign to get buy-in from faculty, staff, and students.

In my opinion, the most successful campaigns have a common thread: they promote accessibility as a civil right and explain how accessibility fosters diversity and inclusiveness.

Art Morgan. “Accessibility as a Civil Right.” EDUCAUSE Review. January 25, 2016.


Link: Conversations About Change

The latest issue of the EDUCAUSE Review features several articles about the concept of “change” in higher education; this introduction, written by EDUCAUSE’s new president and CEO, neatly summarizes the perspectives found in longer pieces throughout the issue.

Some of the conversations in this issue capture the frustration, the sense of urgency, and the strong feelings involved when we talk about change. Whether expressing exasperation or evangelical zeal related to the way higher education has coped with or should respond to change, the voices accurately reflect our current realities. Strong feelings abound.

And so do persistent questions. When does change find traction? When does it fizzle out? What models will prevail, and which will lose their relevance?

John O’Brien. “Conversations About Change.” EDUCAUSE Review, August 17, 2015.