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Use this form to submit requests for stuff to cover in R Club. We offer 3 types of requests:

1) You present on a topic of your choice. These presentations are super informal and can be as short as you like – it’s just an opportunity to share something you’ve learned, or to lead a discussion on something that interests you (an article, blog post, etc. you read that you’d like to talk with the group about).

2) Suggest that someone else present on a topic that interests you. This is great if there’s something you know you want to learn to do, but you don’t feel like you’re at the stage to take it on yourself yet.

3) Ask for an R Club consultation. Do you have something specific you want to do in R, but you don’t know how? Come to R Club, present your problem, and then we’ll all work on solving it during that meeting! Ideally, you walk away with a nice, new R script that does the thing you wanted, and we all get an opportunity to play with new problems.


Do I need to be registered for R club to submit a request? Do I need to attend regularly? Do I have to be in psychology?

Nope! Literally anyone can submit a request, although if we end up have more requests than we can fill, we will give priority to people who attend R Club regularly (whether or not they’re registered). Consultation requests are especially welcome from anyone; it’s totally cool to come in once for a consultation on your own specific data problem and not attend any other sessions.

Can I submit multiple requests?

Yes! Submit to your heart’s content.

What topics are okay for presentations/consultations?

Well, it has to be in R, and it has to be something that will reasonably fit into the time we have in one meeting (so between 1 and 80 minutes long). Other than that, it’s completely up to you! If you like, you can browse through previous presentations for ideas ( For consultations, the more focused your question is, the more likely we’ll be able to help quickly, but it’s also okay to bring in a big inchoate mess (just adjust your expectations accordingly). Tiny topics are also great! We’ve had tons of fantastic presentations that were just a minute or two long.

If you want help with more general design and analysis questions, you may want to consider consulting MethLab ( instead. For big questions, we recommend pairing a MethLab consultation with one from R Club – get guidance and advice from MethLab, and then get help implementing it in R! Two great tastes that taste great together.

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