Welcome to wintR!

R Club is on Thursdays from 2:00-3:30p in 008 STB

As always, R Club is available for anyone interested in spend a bit more time in any given week on scientific computing. Come with a question you’d like help with, or a cool new thing you’d like to show and tell. The best way to get the conversation started is via the SlackR group here: https://uorclub.slack.com. Sign up with your uoregon.edu email address for immediate access.

The guiding structure this winter quarter is going to be pseudo-hackathon style. We’re going to try to form a few different working groups with the goal of learning a new scientific computing skill, and use R Club as protected time to hack away at those skills. Today, we’ll pitch ideas, and people can choose to join up. Having a folks working on building these skills all in the same room will hopefully provide a supportive environment where questions and difficulties can be overcome quickly.

Here are some possible working-group topics:

  • Machine learning in R (or Python?)*
  • Version control*
  • R Markdown → APA Formatted manuscripts
  • Text Mining
  • Shiny Apps

* This one is definitely happening!

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