Longitudinal data deserves longitudinal r club, no?

Thanks to those who have already posted handy code snippets from our meeting this week, working on Jocelyn’s data! If you have something you generated during the meeting that you think might be useful to others, please comment on the original post or Jacob’s data manipulation post to share the code. (If you’re using rstudio, publishing to rpubs can be an easy way to share code without having to worry about wordpress mangling the formatting.)

We did some fun data management, data reduction, and exploratory work, but as far as I know, no one actually got to the point of running any SEM stuff. How to you all feel about continuing with this project next week as well? Now that I’ve got my head wrapped around the design and data, I’d love to start playing with lavaan, which is one of my very favorite toys. On the horizon, we also have some neat time series stuff waiting, and several lovely nuggets (including a “highlights from 612” post to add to the highlights from 611 posts), so I don’t want to spend too much time on this project at the expense of other topics. But since we have 10 meetings this term instead of 5, it seems okay to spend two days on SEM. Especially since the data are longitudinal…

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