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New Ways of Shooting Video

October 28, 2013 by   

A Camera Drama. Workshop with Roel Wouters from ECAL on Vimeo.

Hey Players! I thought this video would go nicely with Wes’ class last week since it focuses on they toys we use to shoot. I think it nicely shows that there are always new ways to come up ¬†with capturing video. It’s important to think of the shooting style and manner of shooting as another piece of the storytelling puzzle. Can the style or the ways you are shooting mimic the type of storytelling you are doing or the tone of the piece? Or maybe the shooting style could contrast in a way that adds a new layer to the story?

Maybe it’s not as easy fling a DSLR around as it is a GoPro, but there is always some way to experiment. That’s what I also really try and remind myself: Experimentation should be part of the process. I think it’s easy to forget to have fun and really try new things when your in pursuit of all the different pieces necessary to make a video come together.




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    I think you have a point here Jarrett, with all of the fantastic documentaries and traditional videos we have been watching I think a little of the innovation can be lost in the process. We obviously should keep those traditional shots in mind when shooting our material, but as Wes said last week, we should always have time for an artistic shot. Push the bounds of what we can do with the camera, and it might end up being the defining shot of the whole piece.

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    Thanks for sharing this Jarratt. This relates to what Wes told us in class that each scene should have 5 shots, and the last one should be the creative one. It kind of gives a signature to your piece!

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    This is great! I especially like the plastic ball half-filled with water. The video that is created from these examples are a fun and different approach to the typical styles we see in so many of the youtube and vimeo videos around these days.

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