Curricula from 2010


High School Art

High School Spanish

High School Social Studies

High School Film

Scott Eberhardt, “New Mexican Cinema” (DOCX file will download automatically upon clicking the link)

High School Science

High School / Middle School Art

  • Michael Guenza, “Modes of Knowing, Means of Showing: Narrative Iconography in Ancient and Modern Times”
    • Lesson Plan (DOCX) (these are automatic downloads; check your downloads folder)
    • Lesson Overview (PPTX)
    • Image Examples 123456789 (these open in new windows)

Middle School Language Arts / Social Studies

  • Pam Rogers, Stephanie Baker, and Sandra Kowalczyk, “Becoming Naomi León” (links to another window)
  • Jake Sproull, “Maize” (DOC)

Elementary School Social Studies

Elementary School Spanish

Elementary School Art

ESOL/ESL (Any Level)

Other Resources

  • SOPHIA – Free “social teaching” website