Notification & Acceptance


Successful applicants will be notified of their selection on March 30, 2015, via email, and they will have only a few days to accept or decline the offer to participate in the NEH Summer Institute.  The deadline for accepting or declining our offer is April 3, 2015, and decisions are final by that date.  Applicants who will not be home during the notification period should provide an alternative email address and phone number where they can be reached.  No information concerning the status of an application will be available prior to the official notification day.

Please know that you will need to move quickly, once you have been selected, to confirm your participation. The reason for the haste is that, once you have confirmed your participation, you will need to reserve your apartment or room in Oaxaca.  Please look at our housing page for more information about this.

Applicants who have been chosen to be on a wait list will also be notified on March 30th.  If we have any of the top 30 declining their invitations, we will move to invite individuals on the wait list within the first week of April. We may also retain the waiting list into June, given that health issues have been known to arise and individuals who have been invited to participate and have accepted will sometimes withdraw in the spring.