Reviews from 2014

“I learned an incredible amount about Mesoamerican cultures and Mexico.  I am returning to the classroom with renewed energy and countless ideas to incorporate into my teaching.  The program was remarkably well run, with every detail thought out and taken care of for us so we could really enjoy and absorb what we were experiencing.  Thank you for putting your whole heart into the program and going well beyond the role of director to take care of us and plan so many additional opportunities for us in Mexico.  The energy and care you put in is exceptional and appreciated.  And the results will have a far-reaching impact on all of our classrooms, schools, and communities.  Thank you for this unforgettable opportunity!”
— Tamara Weiss

“I don’t know where to begin.  I knew this institute would be a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing event, and it trully has been.  Every single moment.  The thought, energy, and care put into the organization of the program are outstanding.  I am leaving Oaxaca with loads of ideas to incorporate into my classes and to share with my colleagues.  My students will reap the benefits of this institute for years to come.  Most importantly, I am leaving Oaxaca with the reminder of the profound impact that teachers can have on their students when they teach with enthusiasm and compassion.  Stephanie Wood is the best of the best, and we are so honnored to have worked with her this month.”
— Lisa Albrich

“Excellent — all was excellent!  I learned from each lecture and experience — all were truly stellar…. This institute was one of the best I have ever participated in — the quality of the speakers…thought-provoking and energizing.  Thank you, you have impacted my life and enriched my students’ lives about our neighbor to the south in more ways than I can say.  Again, I thank you with my whole heart!”
— Maeve Hitzenbuhler

“Thank you so much for planning such a thoughtful and detailed program. I found connections to my curriculum in every lecture, and the excursions helped to give a real, tangible sense of understanding and context. The lecturers were willing to discuss topics with us one-0n-one, and I appreciated their candor when discussing difficult issues.  I would highly recommend this program.”
— Clay Francis

“This was a life changing experience. It has opened my eyes and changed my course for the future, I’m sure. Everything was so well taken care of, so that I could focus on my learning — so appreciated.  I hope to come back [to Oaxaca] and enrich this experience even more.”
— Jami Hooper

“This was an amazing experience both personally and professionally. I was able to deepen my content knowledge and engage with an incredibly smart and passionate group of educators. This month has been inspirational and transformative.  Thank you!”
— Rachel Madris

“I have absolutely loved every minute of this institute.  I has been incredible well run and clearly organized with a lot of thought and care.  We’ve had experts in their fields to inspire us, and I’ll be returning home as a more enlightened person and teacher.  Thank you so very much for this gift of a lifetime!”
— Marina Outwater

“I really appreciated the energy and enthusiasm of our group leaders!  I thought all the lectures were very useful.  Thanks!”
— January Morrison

“Overall a fabulous experience!!!!!!”
— Lauren O’Gara

“Thank you so much for the opportunity!  Life-changing experience.”
— Jamie Bellian

“Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed almost every aspect of this institute. It is so well organized and went so smoothly.  Stephanie, you, Ron, and Bertha in particular were always so positive, enthusiastic and helpful, and I was grateful for that.”
— Anne Archer

“I loved the warm, friendly, and supportive atmosphere created by Steph, Bob, and Ron.  I felt like everyone was met where they are ‘at’ and allowed to grow in their own understanding.  The diversity of perspectives/presenters was so engaging, I feel like I got a feel for a broad range of people/topics in Oaxaca.  THANK YOU.  This has been the best academic experience of my life.  (Also, a great experience overall.)
— Natan BenYonatan

“I enjoyed all of the topics and I felt they were well planned out…. I feel that most of the faculty were extremely helpful and supportive of our ideas and goals. It was wonderful to have our ideas and opinions valued and that is the hallmark of effective pedagogy.  I will always appreciate the care, interest, and attention that was provided to us all, and I truly wish that there were more in academia like you!”
— Rita Baker

“The whole program was wonderful!  Excursions were well planned and interesting.  All lecturers were very helpful and interesting.”
— Anonymous