Open Access Stills

The following image galleries are offered for your use by former NEH Summer Scholars, core faculty, and assistants.  Please site the photographer for any photo you might like to use in your curricular unit.

Acosta-Myers, Yasmin (Alcalá theater, textiles and women weavers in Teotitlán del Valle, mountains, ballcourt, and the zócalo fountain)

Caraciolo, Nicole (alebrijes maker; Mitla mural remnant; Tlapazola comal; Tlapazola pottery figurine maker; Tlapazola pottery figurines)

Haskett, Robert (images of chocolate production from Mina street, Oaxaca)

Hovey, Laura (salón decorado in Santo Domingo; alebrijes display; alebrije mask; alebrije making; calenda dancers; dancers with maize stalks; weavers and rugs in Teotitlán del Valle; church in Tequixtepec, a former excursion site)

Hunt, Kib (large puppet figures; Santo Domingo mock-up; milpa lesson in Teotitlán; Monte Albán in 1920s; Mesoamerican ball game today)

Lau, Pearl (her beautiful pastels made in Oaxaca)

Martínez, Gabriela (basement theater in Santo Domingo; handwoven baskets; directional signs; metates in the market; grinding stones; herbs in the market; a shoe shine in the zócalo; Santo Domingo exterior; street scenes; colorful bowls for sale in the market; additional market scenes; tourist information booth; zócalo pavilion; chocolate mill on Mina street; cacao beans sold by the kilo)

Rogers, Pam (Guelaguetza dancers in the calenda; Pearl, Brady and Zak with codex project; Ron Spores and John Pohl at Coixtlahuaca archaeological site; huge Ahuehuetl or “Tule” tree between Oaxaca and Mitla)

Strother, Deb (Angélica Vásquez making clay figurines; ancient figurines from the Rufino Tamayo museum; figures in front of a pediatrics office; artifact from Monte Albán; potter at Santo Domingo Cultural Center museum; Santo Domingo church; detail from Salón Decorado; cacao beans; chocolate mill; textiles in Teotitlán del Valle)

van Doesburg, Bas (early colonial bridge at Tequixtepec and drawings of two panels with carvings in a pre-Columbian style)

Weisenbach, Elise (Luis Domínguez, amatero, holding a painting on wood)

Wood, Stephanie