Reviews from 2011

“This institute has been life-altering. I’ve made wonderful friends and expect I’ll be using and refining what I’ve learned in Oaxaca for as long as I continue writing curriculum.  Thank you all for a wonderful experience!”
–DeLisa Brown-Guc, 8/2011

“I truly enjoyed every excursion, activity, lecture, etc. presented to us.  I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much about Mesoamerican culture in such a short span of time.  I appreciate the differentiation in presentation of concepts taught each week.  The inclusion of people with different backgrounds and experiences has added a great variety of perception to topics and discussions.”
–Sonia Rodríguez, 8/2011

“I also want to thank everyone  who planned/executed/facilitated this program! It has changed my life and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to participate. 🙂 ”
–Lindsay Mitchell, 8/2011

“This, for me, was an incredible experience for which I am truly grateful.  I am humbled by the caliber and quality of the participants and leaders and I know my desire to learn about Oaxaca and its inhabitants is only heightened more by this program.”
–Ruth Hughes, 8/2011

“Fantastic — I cannot think of much to improve!  Based on past NEH experience, Stephanie did so much more.  She made this a very complete experience.”
–Patricia Bartels, 8/2011

“Guest instructors were world-class, not only in terms of their content knowledge, but also in terms of their humility and respect for collaborators…. This was a life-changing event, and I would like to extend a particularly fuerte abrazo a nuestra gran maestra, Profesora Stephanie Wood.”
–Marisa Silva, 8/2011

“I thought the institute was excellent.  It was clear that a lot of careful thought was put into the construction of the program, the professors, the sites chosen, and the readings.”
–Jessica Klonsky, 8/2011

“This was a fascinating experience. I will never forget it. I have learned a great deal that I will be teaching and savoring in the future. I would recommend this experience to everyone interested in expanding their horizons and learning first hand.  Thank you and NEH for making all of this possible.”
–K. Kowalczyk, 8/2011

“Overall, this was an amazing institute!  Even though I am familiar with Oaxaca, there were many amazing experiences that were personally and professionally fulfilling. I am certainly recommending future institutes to my fellow colleagues.”
–Pauline Russell da Silva, 8/2011

“Thank you for an amazing experience of a lifetime!  You’ve opened my eyes to a new part of the world, and hence, opened the eyes of my future students!”
–Casey Asato, 8/2011

“Thanks very much for organizing a wonderful 4 weeks!”
–Kathleen Melville, 8/2011

“Stephanie, I am so grateful for all you have given us….”
–Xedex Olivas, 8/2011

“The program was utterly fabulous.”
–Deborah Brady, 82011

“Every presenter and excursion was excellent!”
–Maureen Yoder, 8/2011

“Thank you so much for the incredible opportunity!
–Anonymous, 8/2011

“Guest lecturers were all top quality and approachable. Discussions went smoothly.  Field trips were all top notch!!”
–Anonymous, 8/2011

“I had a wonderful and illuminating experience in the program in Oaxaca.  The program (with lectures, readings, and visits) were well-thought out and organized. Stephanie Wood did a stellar job as director of our program. Our program was intellectually challenging and engaging and well-planned while also allowing for individual study and interests…. Ron Lancaster, in particular, was helpful in engaging the group in questions of how to approach this material with elementary and secondary students.”
–Anonymous, 8/2011

“[M]y teaching about Mexico is sooooo much better, richer, more informed, more three-dimensional, more interesting….”
–Lisa Sragovicz, 3/1/11

“This year I haven’t applied to any programs because I just didn’t feel strongly about them.  I knew when I read about the Oaxaca program last year that I wanted it so badly I could envision myself already there!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!”
— Nicole Caracciolo, 2/22/11

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