We have several years’ worth of curricula designed by our NEH Summer Scholars.  We are sorting these by grade level, subject, and by  year produced (as shown in the navigation bar).  Feel free to use these teaching materials and adjust them for your own use.  We only ask that you mention where you found this material and the teacher(s) who made any given unit.

It is our sincere desire that these teachings might add some diversity to content taught in U.S. classrooms, offering more about the cultural heritage of immigrant students but also history that is relevant for us as a nation, given that about one third of our current territory used to be Mexican territory (and before that, Spanish colonial, and before that, 100% indigenous occupied).  The indigenous cultures of the Americas are still very much alive, as Oaxaca so plainly attests, even if they have suffered losses and change.  The fuller story does not end with “conquest” or total destruction; it includes agency in many forms, such as resistance, adaptation, cultural fusions, and innovations.