Graduate Credits

A few past participants have asked for information about the possibility of signing up for graduate credits for the work being completed in the summer institute.  If we have enough interest in 2015, we will see if the University of Oregon, Department of History, will once again offer the option of taking 1 to 4 credits of History 608, Mesoamerican Cultures and their Histories, possibly at the rate of $68 per credit. (Need to couble check on what the new cost might be in 2015, but it will be close to this figure.) These are quarter system credits. Such credits can be taken either on a graded basis or Pass/No Pass. Professor Robert Haskett will assign the grade.

Supplemental insurance and a waiver absolving the University of liability in the case of accident in Oaxaca will be required of those signing up for credits, just as is the case with all our NEH Summer Scholars in our Summer Institute.  These documents will be made available to those who have been chosen to be admitted to the program, and such paperwork will need to be returned to us promptly.  More information to come on this.

Please contact Stephanie Wood, swood AT uoregon DOT edu, if you wish to sign up for credit, and she will provide you with the necessary paperwork as soon as it is available (if it works out that we can do this).