Media Channels for JJames Designs

1] Facebook

2] Website


4] Angie’s List

5] Instagram


1] Exploring new methods for marketing for JJames Designs has been a bit trickier than expected.  While I would like to see the company thrive on older forms of marketing, this is indeed the 21st century, and it needs to have an option to flourish online and on social media.  Facebook has opened pages specifically for companies, offering a very reasonable advertising tool for local and national brands alike.  Having a FB page would expose JJ Designs to a wider range of audiences, both young and old, and would offer a new perspective on an older practice (fresco) with new technology.  It would be searchable to whoever is on FB, namely mentioned because of the diversity of age groups, and is marketable to anyone looking for something unique.  Unique is usually “trendy” on FB, so fresco walls should fit right in, especially when utilizing it as a blog style and adding fun links to the page.  JJ Designs can easily manage and update the site, and it can be a page that doesn’t have to be managed at everyday for it to be successful.

2] Having a website is perhaps the most effective way JJames Designs can be marketed.  A website would showcase the owners work, previous and present, and offer a valuable insight to the company’s services, environment, and expectations.  She could easily manage what is shown and how to make it aesthetically appealing and suitable to her tastes, which would be a window into the quality of Julie’s work as a contractor and artist.  Having an online presence also makes it easily searchable.  This is a long term site, and one that could be linked to other craftsmanship style work, locally as well as nationally.

3] One of JJames Designs biggest strengths is her affiliation with ASID, the oldest, largest and leading professional organization for interior designers.  The American Society of Interior Designers includes over 15,500 practicing interior designers who work represent the design community.  Being a member of this society is a prestigious and honorable position, and one that carries a lot of weight in the interior design community.  JJ Designs can be searched through the ASID website and can be verified through its catalog online. JJ Designs as a company can also use the ASID logo after the name and on collateral used to the company, and is a great marketing tool.

4] Being a part of Angie’s List may prove to be an effective way for others to validate the company through user reviews.  Like many service companies, some of the best marketing is reviews from happy customers.  There is a small annual fee, but offers a trusted site for local businesses.  Through membership, the client gets a profile, comment section, and many other options to ensure a thorough company profile, viewable to the public.  The site is searchable through search engines, and has a mobile ap for phone users, and is versatile through different displays.

5] JJames Designs would thrive on Instagram.  Her work is best viewed, and utilizing this social media service would be a great way to highlight her walls; this could be linked to Facebook too, keeping both current and updated.  She could even set up a composition to highlight the quality of the walls: setting up a still-life with the beauty of a wall behind it to emphasize the rich quality of the atmosphere, as an example.  It would be reminiscent of a magazine ad, but digital.  Instagram would also, like the website and FB, could be utilized as a well-developed timeline of images, each building on the next.  The more updated, the more certain images will appeal to certain people, and hopefully more rapport for JJ Designs will build.

media map


Some Additional Thoughts

JJ Designs marketing is essentially non-existent today as it is still in the process of branding itself and getting its footings.  Being a craft oriented and company, the marketing needs a specific method of delivery.  Like Northwest Door and Sash, JJames Designs offers the client a premium service, targeted a client who can afford the cost of a labor-intensive, high-skilled craftsmanship wall finish.  Being customer oriented however, she is willing to work with the client to best suit their needs.

Some channels to explore for this company may be similar to those of other wall companies; I know many of them utilize the sides of their transport vehicles as advertisements, or through commercials, though a televised ad doesn’t seem to be in the same vein as the owner.  Another media channel I have thought about and used in the rebranding exercise, was the idea of a leave behind item [of interest].  Being that this company will be mostly a word of mouth business, the leave behind item allows the owner to see a visual representation and connection to beautiful walls; it is an item that visitors can see, that stories and memories come out of.

I think it a wise decision to invest in finding websites that host a variety of craftsman companies that showcase the crafts.  Mrs. James has also talked about starting her own craftsman website to include many of her own connections.  A website would be most beneficial, so as to spread the idea of word of mouth.  Being a member of affiliated organizations would spread the word of the culture of crafts and bring new light to the kind of work JJames Designs offers.

I have talked to the owner of JJ Designs about the walls themselves being an advertisement for her company.  While she cannot reasonably expect to plaster random walls around the city, she can market her name where she does.  Since she has done some work in the community, I would advise to sign her name and/or that of Mrs. James’ company so that it is easy to read and be seen, or use her logo, etc.  Finishing walls is an art form, so it is necessary to market the company as an art rather than a service, though it is both.  Taking pictures and documenting her works is necessary for her portfolio and potential website.  Being organized is significant too with word of mouth companies, and being able to find the right information, ie. a buzzword to look up on a search engine that could be directed to her website.  Also, publicized recommendations from her previous clients would be a valued contribution to the website.