[AAD 510]

Learning Goals for this class, since I have no prior knowledge base, will be to learn as much as I can in this area.  Policy has a tricky vibe to it, like having a policy makes it right or valid because someone else says so.  Now, I have been known to not take things for face value, so it is not surprising that I view this through inquisitive or skeptical eyes, but nonetheless, I do love to learn.  I would imagine that arts learning policies are rather hard to concrete, as times change and so do priorities and agendas.

I also am anxious to see how I respond to an online class as I am a very visual person and usually require experience face to face with someone.  In this digital arena that is normalcy, alas! I will conform and do my best to keep up with the times!  I am very excited to enter into an area that I know nothing about and to further my knowledge in said area.

Upon completing this course, my understanding of the policies and the relationships between state and local agencies that create arts learning curriculum has jumped from zero (0) experience, to a well defined and understandable arts sector experience.  It has truly helped my understanding of arts integration in schools and how I view the arts within classrooms and in the curriculum.  It was valuable learning about how students have varying personal learning environments and how curriculum can sometimes be adaptable in the field.


Links to major assignments:

Best Practices Mid Term

PPD 101

Program Plan PPD 101

Final Synthesis Paper

Revised Sector Map