[AAD 610]

This course introduces the various ways that media and marketing intersect with the intension of interconnections in the community.  Fall 2013: MMC I; Winter 2014: MMC II.

Learning Goals for this class are a tangent of the Fall goals which are:  I am very excited to be taking this class, namely because I am interested in the relationship between media and marketing, how to get your point across with limited [type, advertisement] space. Ways of capturing ones interest with a few lines or images reacts with the mind in ways that are attractive or similarly repulsive.  What is attraction?  What makes something more attractive than others?  I hope to learn how to use color and type in more effective ways that shape the context of what is being shown.  Exploiting new means of media is important as an arts manager and illustrator alike; social media and online media (interchangeable?) are not going away anytime soon and we need to be on the forefront of learning its various and mysterious ways.  My goal is to leave this class with a better understanding of branding and corporate identity, through marketing and graphics tools, and how that relates to a managerial position.

Absorbing what was learned in the Fall term, moving forward with this study, I would like to learn more about guidelines that corporations have to structure their advertisements, and how those get to be in place.  Who or what designs the framework for them; is it a for hire company with ties to ethics and other criteria?  Or is it the company making its own, and formatting it through these guidelines?  I am curious to know how agencies network together for these tasks.  Not even for media necessarily, but maybe for promotions too?

I am also excited to learn video editing tools, of which I have no experience.  I have always been fascinated with film editing, whether it be from movies or commercials.  I always think about James Bond and how the producers and editors spliced the film for special effect to make a more enlivened or suspenseful scene.  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  Need I say more.