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Marketing Plan for JJames Designs

Please follow the link to acquire the PDF of JJames Designs LLC.  The document as the full marketing plan for the company.  DUE March 18th.

>>Marketing Plan Outline: JJames Designs

>>Media Channel Infographic

>>Implementation Timeline

This link is for the marketing presentation for JJ Designs, as presented on March 11th.

>>Marketing PP


Click HERE for the best ever.

Stephanie’s PLE

PLEMy personal learning environment is crazy.  If you lived in my brain, you would understand.  My mind is running continually, so it is no surprise that my body does too.  I have many things that influence me daily; references to things, memories, ideas, musings, all of these things make who I am.  I chose to do an illustration for my PLE.  It signifies that while I have a plan for my day, week, life, that I must have some limitations [the white page, media for drawing] and an idea of how to proceed.  Having a strict plan for learning and for my environment is constricting.  I have learned that while I would love to have a plan, follow it, and be successful, I can’t help but try to break that self-made boundary.  There are many things that make my PLE seem chaotic, but there is always a balance, as the illustration description will point out.

Much as this illustration represents how interconnected my atmosphere is, which is also why I wanted to do an illustration; there is a touch of ambiguousness, and you make it what you want to.  My PLE must have some unpredictability in it; an environment that allows for the unknown is ideal for me, as it allows my creativity to come out.  Michigan represents my home, my family, and my heart; the foundation to any environment is where it sits.  Michigan represents stability and longing, and it is a constant source of motivation for me.  I compare and contrast many things in my world, many times of the day, and my rock of comparison is Michigan.  The red lines represent the track, and how important being active is to my learning and mentality.  Working out is so much more than just exercise, it balances my environment, and my mind.  The golden triangles are the exchange zones for [track] relays, and represent how sports and art act as exchange zones for each.

The keyboard therefore, is  media, as the computer is where I gather most of my data, information, entertainment, and resources.  It is the lens for how I gather information from and for the outside world.  I utilize Skype, Youtube, NPR, Facebook, BuzzFeed, mLive, Adobe, Microsoft, and countless other things.  The keyboard and brain together make the educational environment that has come to be a big part of my life as well.  The brain represents my imagination, and my desire to learn new things.  The brain represents self-efficacy and my imagination.  Learning is very important for me; learning not only through educaitonal institutions, but through intuition.  Sitting and pondering the meaning of whatever intrigues me.  Ethos is an important word as it describes the disposition, character, or fundamental values of a specific person, place, culture, etc.  It means “character” in Greek, describing beliefs or ideals that characterize the nature of certain things.  Also, one of my favorite disambiguation’s, it refers to the spirit which motivates ideas of the person.

I am a health nut; so much of my day is spent figuring out how to make others see the light too, and this is what the plant represents.  Food and food preparation is a big part of my PLE as I learn the meaning of scheduling and making time for yourself (because let’s face it, food takes a long time to prepare, and being okay with that takes patience and time!).  Also, I love nature and the outdoors and the idea that we are a part of something bigger, be it planet Earth, a higher being; spirituality.  Being outdoors also helps restore that balance of business that comes from daily tasks, work, school, etc.

Marketing Plan

Media Channels for JJames Designs

1] Facebook

2] Website


4] Angie’s List

5] Instagram


1] Exploring new methods for marketing for JJames Designs has been a bit trickier than expected.  While I would like to see the company thrive on older forms of marketing, this is indeed the 21st century, and it needs to have an option to flourish online and on social media.  Facebook has opened pages specifically for companies, offering a very reasonable advertising tool for local and national brands alike.  Having a FB page would expose JJ Designs to a wider range of audiences, both young and old, and would offer a new perspective on an older practice (fresco) with new technology.  It would be searchable to whoever is on FB, namely mentioned because of the diversity of age groups, and is marketable to anyone looking for something unique.  Unique is usually “trendy” on FB, so fresco walls should fit right in, especially when utilizing it as a blog style and adding fun links to the page.  JJ Designs can easily manage and update the site, and it can be a page that doesn’t have to be managed at everyday for it to be successful.

2] Having a website is perhaps the most effective way JJames Designs can be marketed.  A website would showcase the owners work, previous and present, and offer a valuable insight to the company’s services, environment, and expectations.  She could easily manage what is shown and how to make it aesthetically appealing and suitable to her tastes, which would be a window into the quality of Julie’s work as a contractor and artist.  Having an online presence also makes it easily searchable.  This is a long term site, and one that could be linked to other craftsmanship style work, locally as well as nationally.

3] One of JJames Designs biggest strengths is her affiliation with ASID, the oldest, largest and leading professional organization for interior designers.  The American Society of Interior Designers includes over 15,500 practicing interior designers who work represent the design community.  Being a member of this society is a prestigious and honorable position, and one that carries a lot of weight in the interior design community.  JJ Designs can be searched through the ASID website and can be verified through its catalog online. JJ Designs as a company can also use the ASID logo after the name and on collateral used to the company, and is a great marketing tool.

4] Being a part of Angie’s List may prove to be an effective way for others to validate the company through user reviews.  Like many service companies, some of the best marketing is reviews from happy customers.  There is a small annual fee, but offers a trusted site for local businesses.  Through membership, the client gets a profile, comment section, and many other options to ensure a thorough company profile, viewable to the public.  The site is searchable through search engines, and has a mobile ap for phone users, and is versatile through different displays.

5] JJames Designs would thrive on Instagram.  Her work is best viewed, and utilizing this social media service would be a great way to highlight her walls; this could be linked to Facebook too, keeping both current and updated.  She could even set up a composition to highlight the quality of the walls: setting up a still-life with the beauty of a wall behind it to emphasize the rich quality of the atmosphere, as an example.  It would be reminiscent of a magazine ad, but digital.  Instagram would also, like the website and FB, could be utilized as a well-developed timeline of images, each building on the next.  The more updated, the more certain images will appeal to certain people, and hopefully more rapport for JJ Designs will build.

media map


Some Additional Thoughts

JJ Designs marketing is essentially non-existent today as it is still in the process of branding itself and getting its footings.  Being a craft oriented and company, the marketing needs a specific method of delivery.  Like Northwest Door and Sash, JJames Designs offers the client a premium service, targeted a client who can afford the cost of a labor-intensive, high-skilled craftsmanship wall finish.  Being customer oriented however, she is willing to work with the client to best suit their needs.

Some channels to explore for this company may be similar to those of other wall companies; I know many of them utilize the sides of their transport vehicles as advertisements, or through commercials, though a televised ad doesn’t seem to be in the same vein as the owner.  Another media channel I have thought about and used in the rebranding exercise, was the idea of a leave behind item [of interest].  Being that this company will be mostly a word of mouth business, the leave behind item allows the owner to see a visual representation and connection to beautiful walls; it is an item that visitors can see, that stories and memories come out of.

I think it a wise decision to invest in finding websites that host a variety of craftsman companies that showcase the crafts.  Mrs. James has also talked about starting her own craftsman website to include many of her own connections.  A website would be most beneficial, so as to spread the idea of word of mouth.  Being a member of affiliated organizations would spread the word of the culture of crafts and bring new light to the kind of work JJames Designs offers.

I have talked to the owner of JJ Designs about the walls themselves being an advertisement for her company.  While she cannot reasonably expect to plaster random walls around the city, she can market her name where she does.  Since she has done some work in the community, I would advise to sign her name and/or that of Mrs. James’ company so that it is easy to read and be seen, or use her logo, etc.  Finishing walls is an art form, so it is necessary to market the company as an art rather than a service, though it is both.  Taking pictures and documenting her works is necessary for her portfolio and potential website.  Being organized is significant too with word of mouth companies, and being able to find the right information, ie. a buzzword to look up on a search engine that could be directed to her website.  Also, publicized recommendations from her previous clients would be a valued contribution to the website.

NW D&S !!!


Learning Goals Reflection

Reflecting back on what I have learned and what I continue to learn through the various channels that persist to be a factor in how I think, this class has been a great building block to knowledge that I have gained through several of my undergraduate courses.  Expanding on branding through the branding guidelines and formal presentation of the standards was a great exercise in professional interfacing.  I feel like I have met my goal of better understanding corporate identity.  Learning about various forms of media outlets has increased my knowledge of what the future may look like and what to expect future companies to want as part of their collateral and marketing scheme.  I enjoyed learning about marketing strategies, as that is a huge interest of mine, and how to utilize the various forms of guerrilla marketing for surprising moments!  Communication was the essential tool in this class, and knowing how to visually display what a company wants to say through the framework of the media spectrum, like graphic standards and guerrilla tactics, is invaluable information.

On a side note, I liked the case study assignment (and am excited to work with it in the future) and how it influenced and reinforced the way I approach other businesses.  I think the history of a company is just as important as the company itself; the tradition and the authenticity are written in a company’s history, and it is important for that information to be reflected in the collateral and vision.  For my case study on Northwest Door & Sash, researching the company was one of the best ways to understand where the company came from, where it is going, and what it is made of.  I am more apt to support a company with genuine interest in its field and clientele.  I know this may be difficult on a daily basis, but knowing the background of a company allows for a greater appreciation of local or nation companies, and creates a relationship and expectation between a bigger business and the people it serves.

Collateral: JJames Designs

Collateral for the company JJames Designs. Always making changes to it, but here is what I have so far!


Design Poster


Collateral 1

Collateral 2

Media Inventory

Northwest Door and Sash

The media channels that Northwest Door and Sash draw on are mostly two-dimensional imagery showcasing their craftsmanship.  They have an array of hand drawn illustrations on their website showing the different types of windows and doors.  The illustrations are two toned and very accurate.  They show the inner workings of the mechanisms they use as well as the entire outfit.  More illustrations show what the window can look like with different panes within the size frame of the window and/or door.  There are downloadable PDF’s available of drawings and architectural resources.

Full color photos are also available on the website and show their products actually installed at some residential locations.  These inform the viewer of what kinds of custom made products they offer and what they look like at an existing home setting.

They also, as with most companies, have an enlightening website telling the viewer what to expect from the company.  There is a neat page on the site that shows what each type of translucent wood coating will look like over a piece of raw wood; they utilize technology by providing an interactive example of their product.  This is a very cut and dry website, no prancing around the subject, just product and business.  They get right to the point, and it is actually very refreshing to interface with a website that is not trying to promote some sort of excitement to keep the viewer interested.  This website is understandable, clear, and concise.

They do not have any commercials or advertisements.  Nor any televised videos or blogs.  They are a traditional word of mouth company, with clients seeking them out.  Phone and fax numbers, mailbox, and email as well.  The company showcases some of its talents at an annual PCBC show in Portland, and set up a little booth distributing information on their windows and doors.  PCBC connects the homebuilding industry with the ideas and development.  The show features projects and products from building materials to new home technologies.

Lexicon II

Trend(s): Always reminds me of a line graph.  And then how people say that things are trending right now, like it’s something to say about something that’s ‘hot’.  “We’re trending.”  Trends are the things that are above par in a society, the things that stand out; a style.  It can be a product, fashion, food, a demographic.  Trends indicate market value, how consumers respond to an environment.  It helps measure and keep track of that market value, which will tell investors and CEOs what products to keep producing and which ones to halt.  Trend research can have a huge impact on markets.

Access:  Access is the means by which you enter, either physically or mentally or digitally.  Access is a green word, a go word.  It has an aura or admittance as if from a higher power.  It also means to evaluate.  Just kidding, assess would accompany that meaning; they are homonyms.

Culture: We are surrounded by culture.  Culture is multi-dimensional and spans history, combining past, present and future and ideas.  We can describe culture as an area, or more intangible, such as, the culture of hip-hop.  It is what makes up certain areas and places and can be taken with you or left behind.

Consumer: What markets are geared for.  A consumer is someone who buys something, someone who can potentially be swayed by marketing techniques, and whom the markets try to persuade.  It’s like when companies say, “The customer is always right.”  A consumer is similar to a customer.  The demographics of how consumers spend money and time are very important for industries to measure.  These industries will then form an analysis of these trends and market wares accordingly.

Organization Investigation


I wanted to expand on my Father’s company that he started the year I was born.  After being let go from his job and a large local company, Waste Management, he turned to his knowledge of the market and started his own company. Top Service is the company name aimed at highlighting his individual business model.  Having a master’s degree in business and finance, his business has been very successful these last two decades.  It provides back door service and can be pretty specialized, depending on what is being thrown away, what time to be picked up, items that need special disposal care, among others.

Learning from my dad about how to interact with people or customers has been very enlightening.  Being a small business and working for himself, with himself as the only employee, Michael was able to set up a network of locals and start a regular route.  He is a businessman, and social expert.  He can read a person like a glove and almost always gets what he wants by using tools he has picked up over the years.  He has a personal connection with nearly all of his customers and prides himself on that.  He knows the ins and outs of the business and what to expect.  There is no real business model, aside from what Michael has written up

The business is run out of my family’s home, with papers and envelopes strewn about the house!  He has an office in the basement, which is moderately successful at keeping everything together.  All monetary exchange is done through checking and a physical exchange at the bank; no online deposits.  His one and only truck sits in the driveway and makes our house the most recognizable.  Michael runs his business very fairly, making marginal changes when the economy is up or down, and provides moderate rates for additional pick-up items.  Fortunately, everyone will always need a trash service, so Top Service will always have a niche in which to operate.  The operation is simple, he works four days a week, each day has a new route, and he picks up trash.  The fifth day of the week is devoted to billing and paperwork.  Top Service does not particularly advertise itself; the company has been very successful working in our small town and the surrounding areas of the greater Grand Rapids by word of mouth alone.  He likes it a smaller, more personal business, and likes knowing his customers by name and face.



I am doing a project with the [former] company Rio, an interior design company based out of Eugene, OR.  [the company has just undergone a change in name, and a minor change in focus, but I will be talking about Rio as is was, and the transition into JJ Designs]  I have a brief history, written by the owner, whom wanted the story of her company’s beginning documented [see link at bottom].  The owner and creator, Julie James, has been all over the world and has been highly influenced by each visited cultures’ architecture.  Finally settling in Eugene, this dynamic individual took her knowledge of worldly craft and examined it further through study and educational resources, most spent right here at the UO, and finally deciding on starting a company that showcased her love of the crafts that she learned.

Spending several years working in and around the city through her company Rio, Julie felt compelled to pursue a more rustic style of wall finish, and through much Italian education and practice, began frescoing walls for clients as well as designing high-end furniture.  Rio consults with fabric companies and other specialty companies to create a unique look for the client, as well as provide an open conversation communicating the limitations and suggestions between the two.  Rio is unique in that all of the materials used throughout the design have intent and even further, a well-established knowledge of the product being used and why it is being used in the space.  Julie is well versed in art history, after taking numerous and uncounted classes on the subject, both here at UO and, namely, abroad.  Her base in knowledge, to stress the point, is essential for the company’s perspective designs.  Another feature that makes Rio stand out is Julie’s ability to do a lot of the work herself, namely the wall finishes, which is a very high skill level and extremely physical!  Essentially, having this company is very rewarding for the owner, being able to create something unique and something to share with others.

Rio is run out of Julie’s home in South Eugene.  Her business has a room in which to operate, with a computer and printer, as well as scraps of fabric laying around and tile samples and photos of inspiring images.  Her office is very neat and orderly and, you guessed it, the walls are frescoed!  The atmosphere is very warm and inviting.  Because it uses such unique materials, Rio has established many local and international connections which makes it a very dynamic company as well.  Clients will seek out Rio’s services for a unique design, and is generally a higher end client, but not always.  Factoring in, too, that Julie is a member of the ASID (American Society of Interior Designs) is a huge national label for designers, indicating a genuine artist and interior designer.  Julie’s new company, born out of Rio, is J James Designs, inhabiting most if not all of the values from the former company.  The company seeks to always “follow the guidelines set by the ASID to offer the best interior design plan, keeping it current, relevant and reasonable, and always looking to invest in education.”  It is noted that the main area of her work is fresco wall techniques.  This is the main reason for the change in title, the focus of the company is now mostly wall related.


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