I am very interested in web development, not only for my personal artist self, but for practical media design and functionality.  A well-designed web presence is essential for any organization or business in the modernity of today, not just a website full of information and attention grabbing images, but one that is easily navigated and simple to understand (both aesthetically and informational).  I think wordpress sites have some good groundwork for producing some nice blog-style personal sites, as well as other template web host sites.  I would like to create a website for this class.  It has been something that I have wanted to pursue since my undergrad, and more pertinent to administration, a website needs to be functional and able to accurately transcend the physical into the digital to represent the company in the right way.  As an administrator, I would make sure the website of my company was as robust as needed for an online presence.  It is my goal to learn how to create a professional site, with accurate representation.


Project Description:

For this project, designing a website will facilitate knowledge of how to create one for future careers and also to aid in fixing, correcting, or remaking an existing model into something better.  The website will be my personal artist website, including links to various other social media sites.  It is my hope to garner an understanding of online organization, graphics, and presence through this project so that I may be able to create a site for someone or some company, when needed.


Project Goals:

–       To familiarize with website design and layout and templates/themes

–       Learn how to utilize social media as a mode of marketing

–       Introduce a blog link to create a more robust interactive site

–       Learn more about online presence and interactivity

–       To become familiar with trouble shooting digital and tech problems



–       Review other artist websites to gain a better idea of what they entail

–       Research hosting sites and find a modestly priced option

–       Search similar artist styles and see how those artists structured their sites

–       Research what creates a “readable” blog and how to make it current

–       Incorporate updates into the blog so others may see progression


Evaluative Standards:

–       Does the site navigate well?

–       Does it flow? Make sense?

–       Can it be found easily through other social media sites?

–       Does it represent me as an artist? And if so, can this be harnessed to create one for another company who needs an online representation?



Week 2: draft proposal due; research web hosts

Week 3: 6 different site that I like; pages picked out; website host picked

Week 4: template picked out; start of adding information

Week 5: All pages have written content;

Week 6: Peer Review!!!! Need feedback

Week 7: …

Week 8: …

Week 9: …

Week 10: …