The University of Oregon has such a special feel to it.  I am attracted to the scenery for sure, but the school itself feels like a place rich in not only history, but knowledge.  It is what drew me here in the first place, that and Hayward Field.  But as the latter makes O of U well-known around the country, the former is a place of intelligent individuals willing to learn.  I hope to gain a lifetime of experience here at UO and, looking forward, I hope to one day a. be happy with a job and b. pay off my student loans!  I am a part of the Arts & Administration program with an emphasis in Media Management.  It is my hope to learn about the other side of art; my undergraduate degree is in Illustration from Grand Valley State University out of Allendale, Michigan.

[AAD 610]: Marketing, Media, & Communications I & II

[AAD 550]: Art in Society

[AAD 612]: Cultural Administration

[AAD 410/510]: Arts Learning Policy

[AAD 630]: Research Methods