PLEMy personal learning environment is crazy.  If you lived in my brain, you would understand.  My mind is running continually, so it is no surprise that my body does too.  I have many things that influence me daily; references to things, memories, ideas, musings, all of these things make who I am.  I chose to do an illustration for my PLE.  It signifies that while I have a plan for my day, week, life, that I must have some limitations [the white page, media for drawing] and an idea of how to proceed.  Having a strict plan for learning and for my environment is constricting.  I have learned that while I would love to have a plan, follow it, and be successful, I can’t help but try to break that self-made boundary.  There are many things that make my PLE seem chaotic, but there is always a balance, as the illustration description will point out.

Much as this illustration represents how interconnected my atmosphere is, which is also why I wanted to do an illustration; there is a touch of ambiguousness, and you make it what you want to.  My PLE must have some unpredictability in it; an environment that allows for the unknown is ideal for me, as it allows my creativity to come out.  Michigan represents my home, my family, and my heart; the foundation to any environment is where it sits.  Michigan represents stability and longing, and it is a constant source of motivation for me.  I compare and contrast many things in my world, many times of the day, and my rock of comparison is Michigan.  The red lines represent the track, and how important being active is to my learning and mentality.  Working out is so much more than just exercise, it balances my environment, and my mind.  The golden triangles are the exchange zones for [track] relays, and represent how sports and art act as exchange zones for each.

The keyboard therefore, is  media, as the computer is where I gather most of my data, information, entertainment, and resources.  It is the lens for how I gather information from and for the outside world.  I utilize Skype, Youtube, NPR, Facebook, BuzzFeed, mLive, Adobe, Microsoft, and countless other things.  The keyboard and brain together make the educational environment that has come to be a big part of my life as well.  The brain represents my imagination, and my desire to learn new things.  The brain represents self-efficacy and my imagination.  Learning is very important for me; learning not only through educaitonal institutions, but through intuition.  Sitting and pondering the meaning of whatever intrigues me.  Ethos is an important word as it describes the disposition, character, or fundamental values of a specific person, place, culture, etc.  It means “character” in Greek, describing beliefs or ideals that characterize the nature of certain things.  Also, one of my favorite disambiguation’s, it refers to the spirit which motivates ideas of the person.

I am a health nut; so much of my day is spent figuring out how to make others see the light too, and this is what the plant represents.  Food and food preparation is a big part of my PLE as I learn the meaning of scheduling and making time for yourself (because let’s face it, food takes a long time to prepare, and being okay with that takes patience and time!).  Also, I love nature and the outdoors and the idea that we are a part of something bigger, be it planet Earth, a higher being; spirituality.  Being outdoors also helps restore that balance of business that comes from daily tasks, work, school, etc.