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LTS staff spotlight Ariel Andersen


Ariel Andersen has been the undergraduate and graduate coordinator in the Department of Linguistics for almost three years. She has helped innumerable students navigate their way through the UO systems and requirements, and works closely with the LTS Director and other administration and faculty. She has had an amazing new job opportunity come up for her recently, and thus will be leaving her position with us by mid-July. Everyone in the Department will be sad to see her go. We will miss her very much! But she will leave a wonderful legacy of projects and organization that will make the next person who fills her shoes very grateful.


What is your favorite part of working with LTS students and faculty?


What will you miss LEAST about working in the Department of Linguistics?

I won’t miss the chocolate jar sitting on  my desk, taunting me all day and contributing to my cavities! But I WILL miss all of the people in the department. The graduate students, faculty, and my lovely colleague and supervisor Linda. I’m going to miss everyone so much!

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