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Internship spotlight Eliana Lemos Almeida


Eliana Lemos Almedia is an experienced EFL teacher and current LTS student from Brazil who will be graduating in 2016.

Could you describe your internship experience?

My internship was a great experience. I was a teaching assistant of an IEP oral skills class. The main teacher was a native speaker of English, and had a long experience working with international students. I had the chance to work with students from different cultures and countries. I was aware that students came from different backgrounds, so I was careful how to act and how to choose the activities I asked students to take part in. It was challenging to know what was new for them because we did not share the same L1 (first language). However, as time passed, we figured it out. Working with images from the internet was a very good way to solve some vocabulary problems.

Overall it was an exciting experience. The exchange with students from so many different cultures was what I liked best.

Since you are already an experienced teacher, what is an example of a new insight that you gained from this internship?  (video response)

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