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Alumni Spotlight Eri Hayashi


Eri Hayashi alumni

Eri Hayashi graduated in 2013 and is now teaching English in Japan. Her MA project was titled “Fostering Willingness to Communicate Among Young Adult Japanese EFL Learners Through Form-Focused Communicative Activities”.

What is your favorite memory in LTS?

Fortunately, I have too many “favorite” moments in LTS, so it is hard to choose! However, what immediately popped up in my mind are so many get-togethers with my cohort. There was always someone besides me both inside and outside classrooms. We sometimes had study group sessions, helping and encouraging each other. We also had parties, which helped us not only refresh ourselves between coursework but kept us very close to each other. I feel so grateful that I could have this wonderful cohort and their support throughout the program.

What was most valuable for you from the program?

LTS offered us a lot of valuable opportunities to think and practice. I really enjoyed the micro-teaching/teaching practice sessions and exchanging ideas with each other, so that we could improve our teaching. I also did some observations and internships both in Japanese and English classrooms, in which I could see what real language classrooms were like and try out my activities and see how they worked. The professors in LTS were all great and supportive, and I felt very fortunate to learn from them. When I started teaching later, I found that what I learned from LTS is very practical and helpful.

What advice do you have for current or future graduate students?

Stay connected with your cohort. It is a very intensive program, but you do not have to pursue it alone. Help and support each other and share both fun and difficult moments. Enjoy learning from your wonderful professors and cohort. I myself could stay motivated because I could have my cohort and professors who always supported me and gave me good inspirations. And, of course, have some fun! 🙂

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