WTWE Contacts

Authors, Illustration, Narration

  • Leslie Opp-Beckman, Project Coordinator and TESOL Specialist
  • Rawan Yaghi, Lebanese TESOL Specialist
  • Linda Wesley, TESOL Specialist and Copy Editor
  • Deborah Healey, TESOL Specialist and Copy Editor
  • Jill Cargile, TESOL Specialist
  • Deanna Hochstein, TESOL Specialist
  • Lys Opp-Beckman, Illustrations
  • Rebecca Force, Narration

Direct queries to: leslieob (at) uoregon.edu

Project Sponsors

  • Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy Beirut, Lebanon
  • USPEaK, Teach Women English
  • Hayya Bina, Teach Women English
  • University of Oregon, College of Arts and Sciences, American English Institute