WEEK 06 (9 – 15 November 2009)

Learning Styles; Alternative Assessment with Technology Tools

Learning Objectives
Learning styles
Condition: After reading about learning styles and technology tools for multiple intelligences,
Audience: Participants in the course
Behavior: Will share a specific example of how they could use technology to address different learning styles in one of their classes (for preparation, in class or for students to use outside of class)
Degree: In at least one post on Nicenet and comment on it in their blog

Alternative assessment and technology
Condition: after reading about alternative assessment
Audience: Participants in the course
Behavior: Will explain to the group how technology might help with alternative assessment in one of their classes
Degree: In at least one post on Nicenet and comment on it in their blog



Readings are required! Go carefully through them and use them to help form a basis for your postings in the weekly discussions. Please work on both topics this week.


Learning Style/Multiple Intelligences

Alternative Assessment

Additional Resources


Weekly Requests and Reminders: 
Continue your blog at www.blogger.com. Post a reflective comment on this week’s work, where you talk about what you did, what you learned, and how you might apply that information in your teaching. Post at least one comment on another participant’s blog. Add good sites to your Delicious.com page. Remember to have tags and notes for each site you add.

You’ll need to start thinking about your Action Plan this week – what can you do to apply some of the things we’re talked about in this course to your own classes?

Discussions: Go to Nicenet, log in, and participate in this week’s topics.

  1. Technology can help provide a range of learning styles in the classroom. Share your ideas about ways that you could use technology to address a variety of learning styles in your classes. What do you think would work best? Remember that using technology can also mean finding material online to bring into class as well as using technology in class.
  2. Read Enhancing Learning by Engaging Students. How could you use technology tools to enable some of these techniques? For example, think about small group discussions => online discussion, creating concept maps with mind mapping software, and adding Minute Papers to your PowerPoint shows. Would these or other techniques work for you?


Make sure you save good sites on your Delicious.com page!