WEEK 05 (2 – 8 November 2009)

Project-based Learning (PBL); WebQuests

Learning Objectives
Project-based learning
Condition: After reading about project-based learning (PBL) and viewing some examples
Audience: Participants in this course
Behavior: Will share a project-based learning lesson plan for one or more of their classes, including why the students will benefit (work can be in class or outside of class)
Degree: In at least one post on Nicenet and comment on it in their blog

Condition: After reading about WebQuests
Audience: Participants in this course
Behavior: Will describe a WebQuest they could use in class (and if possible, start to create a WebQuest)
Degree: In at least one post on Nicenet and comment on it in their blog



Readings are required! Go carefully through them and use them to help form a basis for your postings in the weekly discussions. Please work on both topics this week.


Project-based Learning (PBL)

  • Focus on Basics: Less Teaching and More Learning” by Susan Gaer gives some background information about project-based learning:
  • The “Student Projects Sampler,” also by Susan Gaer, provides a number of examples of webquest-style project-based learning:


  • About WebQuests – a brief introduction. This also explains non-web WebQuests that you can use offline.
  • Essential parts of a WebQuest
    This page includes some video clips of teachers talking about WebQuests (you can read transcripts if you can’t see the video). You can continue to the Demonstration section, where you can view more videos of teachers who use WebQuests or read the transcripts.

Additional Resources

Weekly Requests and Reminders: 
Continue your blog at www.blogger.com. Post a reflective comment on this week’s work, where you talk about what you did, what you learned, and how you might apply that information in your teaching. Post at least one comment on another participant’s blog. Add good sites to your Delicious.com page. Remember to have tags and notes for each site you add.

Discussions: Go to Nicenet, log in, and participate in this week’s topics.

  1. Read about project-based learning and look at some of the examples at susangaer.com/studentprojects/. Choose one of the following to discuss:
    1. Select a project and explain why you feel that project fits or does not fit the definition. Make sure you describe the project you are discussing so others will understand your thinking.
    2. Think of a similar project you might do with your class. Describe your project, then explain how it fits the definition of project-based learning.
  2. WebQuests are a kind of teacher-directed treasure hunt on the Web. First, read the definition of a webquest at About WebQuests at www.zunal.com/part1.php. In About WebQuests, you can even see a way to do a paper and pencil WebQuest. Students can do their web searching in or outside of class, and usually in groups. What kind of WebQuest would be appropriate for your classes? Specifically, how could you use a WebQuest to supplement what you are doing in class?


Make sure you save good sites on your Delicious.com page!