Tsunami Zone – Week 3

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October 18 – 24

1) Lesson Plan Activity: Add English Easily.

Click on the link above to download the lesson plan. Is this like something you have done before? What parts of the activity could you use with your students?

  • Quick grouping technique
  • Roll call in English
  • Vocabulary warm-up

What other activities have you done with pictures?

Look for your own picture that has a science theme, either in a magazine or online. What did you find? Please share good websites with the group on Nicenet.

2) Rubrics for assessment

Rubrics are a way to help students understand what you want them to do. They help you as the teacher to grade students fairly. If you take the time to create a rubric, you can save time later – a rubric makes marking essays and oral activities faster and easier.

Read about rubrics for assessment at http://edtech.kennesaw.edu/intech/rubrics.htm

Go to Rubistar at http://rubistar.4teachers.org/ and look at the oral presentation rubrics or the writing rubrics. You can use their templates to make your own rubrics. Try making a rubric for one of your class assignments.

3) Nicenet discussion

Nicenet discussion topics: How would you adapt this lesson for your students? What additional activities could you do with it? What kind of rubric could you create to measure how well students learned?

Discuss your ideas with your classmates on Nicenet in the Week 3 Discussion Forums.