Projects Information

Course Requirements

All participants are expected to complete a project as part of their coursework, for local implementation after the course has finished.

Project Template

The template for the project is available for download:


Following is a list projects from course participants.

Adrian Barnes Alte 1-2: Collaborative Learning, Student Autonomy, Critical Thinking and Peer Evaluation
Alicia Reyes Stuardo Grade 4: Project-based Learning Using Technology and Peer Collaboration
Cecilia Rivera Grade 11: Collaborative Learning, Project-based Learning, and Critical Thinking
Evelyn Flores Grade 8: Authentic Materials and Creative/Critical Thinking
Exequiel Vargas Grade 7: Cooperative Learning, Creative Thinking, Independent Learning and Rubrics
Fernando Barrios Grade 7: Communicative Activities and Rubrics
Glenda Brevis Grade 6: Critical Thinking, Integrated Skills, PBL
Jeanette Concha Grade 6: Learning Styles, Creative and Critical Thinking and Technology
Jorge Ortiz Grade 7: Use of Authentic Materials
Lucia Pereira Grade 8: Communicative Learning, Studentsʼ Autonomy, Peer Assessment
Macarena Fuentealba Grade 4: Use of Technology, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaborative and Cooperative Work
Malaika Wilson Teens 15-17: Authentic Resources, Creative/Critical Thinking
Marcela Hernandez Grade 6: The Use of Working Stations to Integrate the Use of the Communicative Approach in Class
Maria Gabriela Peso Grade 11: Use of Technology, Authentic Materials, Rubrics, Collaborative and Cooperative Work
Milko Ramirez Grade 10: Group work, Collaborative and Cooperative Learning, Multilevel Activities, Alternative Assessment for ESL Students, Project-based Learning
Monica Vasquez Grade 5: Collaborative and Cooperative Learning, Authentic Materials
Nancy Gonzalez and
Maria Cristina Labrana
Grade 11: Project-based Learning, Integrated Skills and Critical Thinking
Nestor Rodriguez Grade 5: Critical and Creative Thinking Through Reading Electronic Texts
Pamela Urtubia Grade 6: Cooperative and Collaborative Learning, Technology
Roberto Aedo Grade 7: Learning Styles, Collaborative Learning, Student Autonomy, Critical Thinking
Victor Rubio Grade 5-8: Incorporation of Critical and Creative Thinking Linked to the use of Technology
Ximena Figueroa Grade 10: Using Social Networks for Improving Vocabulary and Language Skills in English