Tsunami Zone – Week 4

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October 25 – 31

1) Lesson Plan Activity: Survival- Escape Plan

Students work individually, in pairs, or in groups to draw a map, build a model, and create a survival-escape plan to use during a tsunami. This project calls for creativity and appeals to students who learn well kinesthetically.

2) Learning Styles and Strategies

Different people learn in different ways. Read about learning styles and strategies at http://www.chaminade.org/INSPIRE/learnstl.htm

You can also watch a video by Richard Felder at http://ctl.csudh.edu/SpeakerSeries/Felder.htm

3) Nicenet discussions

How can you use the Survival-Escape Plan activity to appeal to students with different learning styles? What other techniques have you used to appeal to different learning styles?

Discuss your ideas with your classmates on Nicenet in the Week 4 Discussion Forum.