UO-VOA Materials (2017)

Summer 2017 University of Oregon and Voice of America collaborated to produce a “Let’s Teach English” version of the Women Teaching Women English (WTWE) materials.

Following is a list of resources in numerical order, start to finish. All of the materials are free. You can download the audio and video files for offline use as needed. For each unit, you can find links to:

  • A video showing a teacher using the materials from that unit in the WTWE student textbook
  • A  transcript for the teaching video [PDF file]
  • A updated WTWE student textbook and teacher manual [PDF file]
  • An audio recording of the Hilwa w Morra ongoing story and dialogue from the student textbook
  • An audio recording of the news story in the student textbook

Introduction to “Let’s Teach English”

Unit 1

  • Student Textbook Topic – Family
  • Teaching Video – Learning Strategies

Unit 2

  • Student Textbook Topic – Food
  • Teaching Video – Listening and Cooperative Learning

Unit 3

  • Student Textbook Topic – Health and Beauty
  • Teaching Video – Speaking Skills and Pronunciation

Unit 4

  • Student Textbook Topic – Home and Community
  • Teaching Video – Reading Skills

Unit 5:

  • Student Textbook Topic – Shopping
  • Teaching Video – Role Plays

Review of Introduction through Unit 5

Unit 6:

  • Student Textbook Topic – In a Restaurant
  • Teaching Video – Group Projects

Unit 7:

  • Student Textbook Topic – How Others See the World
  • Teaching Video – Critical Thinking Skills

Unit 8:

  • Student Textbook Topic – Plans and Dreams
  • Teaching Video – Visual Literacy

Unit 9:

  • Student Textbook Topic – Women at Work
  • Teaching Video – English for Specific Purposes, Vocational Language

Unit 10:

  • Student Textbook Topic – Paths to the Future
  • Teaching Video – Collaboration Through Persona Poems

Teacher Tools and Resources, Classroom Management


For questions about the materials or to request online or face-to-face training with University of Oregon faculty, please contact:

Dr. Leslie Opp-Beckman, Director of Innovative Programming