WEEK 04 (26 October- 1 November 2009)

Technology-enhanced lesson planning; Skill Areas: Reading, Writing

Learning Objectives
Technology-enhanced lesson planning
Condition: After reading about technology-enhanced lesson plans,
Audience: Participants in this course
Behavior: Will explain how a technology-enhanced lesson plan is similar to or different from the regular lesson plan format that they use
Degree. In at least one post on Nicenet that includes the web page (with URL).

Skill-building websites: reading/writing
Condition: After reading about how to use technology in reading and writing classes and reviewing different reading and writing web pages in terms of use in their classes,
Audience: Participants in this course
Behavior: Will share at least one technology-enhanced lesson plan with learning objectives and pre- and post-lesson activities related to a specific website
Degree: In at least one post on Nicenet that includes the web page (with URL) of the website they used



Readings are required! Go carefully through them and use them to help form a basis for your postings in the weekly discussions. Please work on both topics this week.

Technology-enhanced lesson plans

Articles about using CALL in writing and reading activities

Sample websites to try

Additional Resources

Weekly Requests and Reminders: 
Continue your blog at www.blogger.com. Post a reflective comment on this week’s work, where you talk about what you did, what you learned, and how you might apply that information in your teaching. Add good sites to your Delicious.com page.

Discussions: Go to Nicenet, log in, and participate in this week’s topics.
Sueanne Parker from the University of Oregon’s American English Institute will be our guest moderator this week.

  1. Read about lesson plans from the University of Tennessee. You may also have a lesson plan format that you have used before. Download the lesson plan template with technology from the class website. How is a technology-enhanced lesson plan, such as one using the lesson plan template, similar to or different from a regular lesson plan? What more do you need to think about when you use technology?
  2. We have several multi-skill websites on our list this week. Find two or more specific web pages that would work for you in your class. It may be helpful for you to read some of the articles about ways to use computers to enhance ways to teach reading and writing.

Please share with the group a technology-enhanced lesson plan. Make sure that it includes which website you used, and which specific activity/web page. Please include the title of the page and the URL. Also discuss

  • Why you think it will work.
  • How it can reinforce or extend what you do in your class

The activity could be based on something that you print out or something you ask students to do on their own.

Make sure you save good sites on your Delicious.com page!