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Alumni spotlight Fernanda Gonçalves


Fernanda Gonçalves (formerly Nunes) graduated from LTS in 2013. Fernanda was already an experienced English teacher in Brazil who had participated in the American English Institute’s E-Teacher program before she joined LTS. In 2013 while she was at the UO, Fernanda was the subject of a slideshow project by UO Journalism student Nicole Trumbo, who documented some of Fernanda’s hopes and dreams as an international graduate student (while Fernanda also was learning Salsa dancing).

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Looking back on this slideshow, what is your reaction now?

In this slideshow I cite the goals that made me go to the US. And now looking back I see they were all accomplished.  Now I have a better job, I am a better teacher and I have more time for my daughter…which means that I am also a better mom!

What and where are you teaching now?

I am teaching English as a foreign language at a Federal Institution for high school students and it has been the job of my dreams. I am deeply happy and grateful for being a federal teacher now.

What is an example of something you learned in the LTS program that you still use today?

To better plan my classes, there is no better lesson plan format than the one I learned in the LTS program. It has helped me tremendously and thanks to it, my lessons have become more coherent and my students have been learning much more and much better now.

What is your best memory of LTS?

To choose a best memory is almost impossible because I had so many. I learned so much with all the classes that I had. All the professors not only taught me unforgettable lessons, but they also inspired me for life. The cohort was also so amazing. Each unique classmate was so special to each other that we all became a big family. We were always together…to study or to party…we could always count on each other. However, if I have to mention a very special moment, it is my master’s project presentation. I could not believe it when I saw most of my friends there for me, not only from the cohort, but also the friends I had made inside and outside the University of Oregon. My AEI students were also there and some of my professors. So, when I started my project presentation, I knew I was among friends…and it gave me the strength and confidence I needed to try my best. Seeing that room full of friends not only gave me one of the best experiences/memories of my life, but it also showed me that when one has friends, one has it all!


  1. I had the honour to be Fernada´s mate at English Language Certificate Program for Brazilian Teachers in 2011. I´m sure met great people who became part of a once in a time dream! She was one of the most passionate students and a perfect cheer leader in moments of homesick and party…of course! lol
    Fernada, have my wishes of full success in your life!

  2. I had the previledge of meeting Fernanda at the U of O in 2012. She is the kind of person that you meet her and after 5 minutes, or less, you think: wow, she is such a friendly and communicative person. And, yet one of her wonderful qualities is that she is so simple and always expecting the best of everybody. I wish the best for her and hope we’ll always be good friends!

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