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Faculty Spotlight Keli Yerian


Could you tell us a little bit about your connection to the LTS program?

I am a faculty member in the Linguistics Department, and have been the Director of the LTS MA program since 2010. I have taught in the LTS program since 2007. Until recently, I also taught classes in the American English Institute (AEI), so I have a connection to the AEI as well.

Could you briefly describe the course(s) you teach?

I teach a few of the core courses in the program, including Language Teaching Planning in Fall term, Curriculum and Materials Development in Winter term, and the Master’s Project class in the final Summer term. In the Planning class, students practice designing motivating lessons for language learners while aligning student learning outcomes and assessments. In the Curriculum class, students build their own language courses week by week. In the Master’s Project class, students are intensively working on creating their own capstone projects. I also organize an LTS Orientation class in Fall and facilitate a Microteaching workshop class in Spring. I’m pretty busy!

What is the best part about your work?

There are many best parts! I love being part of the whole cycle of the program and getting to know all the cohort members so well. As program advisor, I meet each new graduate student from the start, get to know them during the year in classes, and am one of the first to congratulate them the day they submit the official final draft of their project manuscripts. I also value hearing ideas and suggestions for improving the program from students and faculty and then being able to help actually make them a reality as Director.

What advice would you give to incoming LTS students?  (video answer below)

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