Knight Library #364-#366 Renovation 6/17/19 – 8/31/19

Beginning June 17th, and continuing until the end of August, the general contractor, Preferred Construction, and their subs will be doing renovation work in rooms 364-366 in the Knight Library.  This will involve asbestos abatement, minor demo and framing, drywall, duct work, electrical, carpet and paint.  Users can expect to hear normal and occasional construction noises such as hammering and drilling, and may smell a water-based latex, non-toxic paint, during the painting portion.  Users will see the contractor, their subs and UO personnel entering/exiting the building with tools and materials during normal business hours.

During abatement (6/18-6/20), CPFM staff will turn off the HVAC system, which might affect areas outside the construction zone on the third floor.

No other utility disruptions or shutoffs are expected at this time, but if there are any more, then an additional notice will be distributed.

If there are any issues or concerns, please contact Theo Davis, the CPFM project manager, at 541-346-1012, or