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LTS: Eye of the Tiger



The group after a good run at Amazon Park in South Eugene

LTS students have a lot on their plates—from working on MA projects to internships and GTFs. For a little stress relief, some LTSers have started a weekly running club, which has come to be known as the LTS Eye of the Tiger. Since January, Eye of the Tiger has met at least once a week.

While everyone goes at their own pace, Eye of the Tiger is a supportive space where everyone is encouraged to meet their own goals. LTS student Juli– arguably the founder of Eye of the Tiger– even crafts individual workouts for attendants!


Some of the 5k runners after the race

Earlier this term, some Eye of the Tiger runners participated in races during the Eugene Marathon. 7 students ran the 5k, while 2 ran the half marathon. All together the LTS students ran a total of 47.9 miles!

Next term, many students plan to run the Butte to Butte, a local 10k which occurs every 4th of July.


Eye of the Tiger has also resulted in some special LTS merchandise. 13327488_1083406275052096_1801707673359109232_n13307497_839247680415_298908721876199184_n













Juli opening her cowbell at the Prefontaine Classic

Finally, Eye of the Tiger members pitched in to buy a custom cow bell for Juli, for her future workout leading, and to thank her for work on the club. While Juli is a serious runner who has multiple races wins, she is always supportive of others, no matter where they are in their running (or walking) journey.


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