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Alumni spotlight Beth Sheppard


Beth Sheppard graduated from LTS in 2008 and is now an Instructor at the American English Institute (AEI). Her MA project title is, “Bringing Your Language Home: A Workshop and Materials for Pacific Northwest Families Involved in Language Revitalization”.

What did you value most from the LTS program?

My favorite part was the sense of community among our cohort of students and with our instructors. I really enjoyed getting to know every single person I studied with, whether it was collaborative class work, cohort lunch gatherings, professor office hours, or learning from my project advisor. I also remember how much I enjoyed the taste of theory we were treated to in the first summer term. These were yummy classes!

What did you learn in LTS that you still use in your teaching today?

I’d say the attitude we worked under was more important than any piece of information. In the LTS program we practiced cooperating with colleagues and focused our explorations of teaching on meeting students’ actual needs. These key principles are still the basis for my teaching.

What advice would you give to new LTS students?bethandtoby

Try to open yourself to every topic in every class. The ones you don’t think you’re excited about might end up being the most memorable. Pick a topic early for your project. Read your way into the literature over winter break.


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